Make Up For Ever HD Complexion Starter Kit Review

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Another product that I got from the States last year was the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion Starter Kit, which I was picked up from Sephora! I have never really owned any foundations before purchasing this kit, I had only tried samples of foundations because my skin can sometimes be sensitive when it comes to using face products causing me to break out. When it came to Make Up Forever foundation I researched about it online, so I knew whether or not it was worth purchasing which it was.

When I was in the States, I went to Sephora and did the Sephora + Pantone Color IQ to find out my color IQ number, just so I could find my right shade. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s when they use their color IQ handheld device which takes a sort of picture of your skin in 3 places, for myself, it was my forehead, cheek, and chin. Then it calculates all 3 shade areas to give you your final precise color IQ number, from there they will show you a list of all the foundations available for you that match your color IQ number. It’s the same device that No7 uses in Boots here in England.

At first, I was only planning to buy the foundation only, but the Sephora that I was at had run out of my shade. So the next time I went to Sephora, I did the Sephora + Pantone Color IQ again. Just because I heard and read about people getting different numbers from doing it a number of times at different store locations. Luckily I got the same number as the first time. And thankfully the Sephora store I went to not only had my shade, but they had this complexion kit which I decided to get.

Price List:
MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation – $42.00 plus tax = $46.82
MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder – $19.00 plus tax = $20.69
MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microperfecting Primer #0 Neutral – $16.00 plus tax = $17.42
MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Kabuki Brush – No price as not sold individually but if it was probably around $25-$50 looking at the prices of their other brushes.

The total (not including the brush) = $78
The total plus tax = $84.93

The price for the whole starter kit only cost me $79 which not only worked out cheaper, but I also got the brush for free since you can’t buy it individually. Unfortunately, this kit is no longer available.

   The front of the complexion starter kit

The front of the packaging box shows the products that are included, as well giving a mini 3 steps photo instruction to flawless skin. I liked that they not only included pictures of the products that are included in the kit but shows a mini tutorial on how to get flawless skin with the products. I loved the fact that this kit saved me the hassle of not having to get everything separately and pay more, but also that I didn’t have to worry about if one of the products were out of stock had I bought it separately since the kit already had everything in it.

  The back of the complexion starter kit

The back of the packaging box gives the three-step tutorial to flawless skin further more in-depth. On the left it is in English and on the right it is written in French as the company is a French cosmetics brand. Each step tells first tells you what product and a little bit of information about the product itself. Then underneath that is written the application tip suggesting how to use the product. Since this is a starter kit, this information is aimed at those who are beginners in makeup. Not to say that if you’re not a beginner you can’t buy it, just that it is to help those that are beginners who may not know much about the products and the application process. I myself know about make-up, however, had I not I would have probably found this information very helpful indeed.

Microperfecting Primer (15ml – 0.5 fl oz)

The Microperfecting Primer is the first step (PREP) to achieving flawless skin. The primer is applied to the face before applying foundation, this is because the face primer creates a smooth canvas so that when you apply your foundation the application is easier because of the smooth canvas that the primer has created. Also, the foundation will stay on a lot longer giving you a flawless and even complexion as opposed to if you had not applied primer. Primers also create a protective layer between your skin and makeup, stopping the makeup from sinking into your pores and clogging them up, which can be bad for your skin.
The MAKE UP FOR EVER primer states on the back of the box that it is “A lightweight, oil-free primer that diffuses imperfections and minimizes the appearance of pores.” Having used this primer for over 10 months now, I feel that it doesn’t minimize the appearance of pores, at least for myself I haven’t seen a difference, but other than that it has given me a smooth canvas in preparation of before applying foundation. It makes my skin feel soft as well, I just love the way it makes my skin feel after applying and I like that I little goes a long way, seriously I’m not even halfway through the tube and it’s been more than 10 months. It’s white cream which isn’t thick yet it isn’t running, it’s the perfect consistency making the application of it easy to rub in. It seems to work well with BB cream since not many primers do, at least in my case they haven’t. I have used a couple of other primers before and I have to say this primer is my number 1. However, the sad thing is you can no longer get this primer like this anymore in terms of packaging as they have updated their primers (formulae and packaging wise) and now have different primers for different skin types.

Microperfecting Primer

As you can see from looking at the photo above, it’s a white cream which isn’t thick yet it isn’t running, it’s the perfect consistency making the application of it easy to rub into the skin. Plus it doesn’t leave your fingers feeling sticky or leaving a weird texture like some other primers do, that I have used before.


The foundation and its box (30ml – 1.01 fl oz)

The foundation is the second step (COVER) to achieving flawless skin. Having applied primer you can now apply the foundation, depending on the type of coverage you want it is better to start with 1 pump and work your way up from there. Remember you can always build up the coverage but you can never take it down if you apply too much to begin with. The MAKE UP FOR EVER foundation states on the back of the box that it is an “Oil-free, medium coverage foundation that invisibly covers imperfections.” To which I would agree with as when it came to buying foundation I wanted a medium cover because I knew I could always build it up to be full coverage. Plus I don’t really wear foundation that often only for special occasions or events as I can’t be bothered to spend the time in the morning putting makeup on if I’m not going to be going anywhere special. I am in love with this foundation, it gives me the perfect coverage that I want without making my face looking cakey and because I did the Sephora + Pantone Color IQ, it matches my skin color perfectly. The foundation doesn’t contain any SPF which means there is no flashback as some foundations containing SPF sometimes cause flashback in photographs. I will definitely continue to use this until it runs out, maybe once I finish it I may think of trying out another foundation. However, as of right now I will stick to this foundation, as it is my holy grail foundation!


1 pump of the foundation

As you can see from looking at the photo above, the consistency of the foundation isn’t too thick yet it isn’t too thin, so when I put a pump of it on the back of my hand it won’t move unless I tilt my hand sideways. And when I do tilt my hand sideways the foundation won’t run down my hand because it’s not a completely watery base for it to do that.



The HD powder (5g – 0.17 oz)

The HD Microfinish Powder is the final step (FINISH) to achieving flawless skin. Now that you have applied your primer and foundation, you can finish off the look by setting it with the powder to keep your makeup in place so that it doesn’t budge throughout the day. The MAKE UP FOR EVER powder states on the back of the box that it is a “Translucent finishing powder made of 100% mineral silica creates a radiant complexion and leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and silky.” I do agree that it does leave my skin feeling soft and silky which I like I mean who wouldn’t want to have soft and silky feeling skin?! But what’s the point of that when there’s a big problem with the powder.

Remember a while back when photos of female celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria and others were released with having white powder on their face. Well, that was because of silica powder. Which just so happens to what MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish powder is made up of, in fact, it’s the only ingredient that the powder is made up of, which it clearly states on the back of the box “made of 100% mineral silica”.
When it comes to the silica powder, it may be good for all skin types especially oily skin because it is a really fine texture which won’t get cakey if you build it up so in that sense it is good for when it comes to controlling shiny skin. However, if your planning to take flash photography while wearing this product that’s where it will all go downhill and you will end up looking like the celebrities with visible white powder on your face.
I don’t usually apply any setting powder to my face since I never really need it. Even though I know I should just in case but I just don’t bother to. But I can say that I have used this powder before and in natural lighting it made my skin look flawlessly smooth and even. However, when I took a flash photograph of myself wearing this product to see if the white powder is visible on my face, I was sad to see that it did occur. So I know now if I do plan on wearing this product, then I know not to take any flash photography and that it will look flawless in natural lighting. However, If I’m planning to take flash photography then I will definitely be using another face powder that won’t cause me this problem.



The kabuki brush

The Kabuki brush is the final step (FINISH) to achieving flawless skin along with the powder, as the brush is there for you to use the powder. So if you don’t have a powder brush already then you can use the MAKE UP FOR EVER kabuki brush instead. I haven’t really used it since I already have a few powder brushes as it is. But I will say that it is a really soft brush and when washing it, no shedding occurred which is always a good thing. I might just use it when I travel since it is small and compact so I can easily throw it in my makeup bag.

Here is a photo demo of the foundation application and the result.

Bare skin with no foundation

This picture above is a patch of my bare skin without any product on it whatsoever. As you can see I have scarring and some little spots, which I would want a foundation to cover up making my skin look flawless and not cakey looking.

1 pump of foundation application

The picture above is the same patch of skin but with 1 pump of foundation on top after applying the micro perfecting primer, I used a Beauty Blender to blend the foundation in with. As you can see my scars are still visible but not as clearly visible like in the first picture of my bare skin. My spots aren’t as visible anymore, you can only see a couple. So for 1 pump of foundation, I would say the coverage is quite good. I feel that with 1 pump of foundation you get the same coverage that a BB cream would give you, at least in my opinion I think it does.

2 pumps of foundation application

The picture above is the same patch of skin but with 2 pumps of the foundation. As you can see my scars are still noticeable, but not as much in comparison to before I had applied any foundation. For 2 pumps I still think the coverage is just as good and still doesn’t look cakey in any way at all. This shows that you can build up the coverage without worrying about the foundation looking cakey.


3 pumps of foundation application

Side note: Please ignore the bad lighting in this photo, when I was taking the photo the lighting kept changing and so the result of the picture made my skin look too orangey.
The picture above is the same patch of skin, but now with 3 pumps of the foundation. As you can see my scars are no longer invisible and the same goes for my spots which you can no longer see. Also what redness I had surrounding my spots has been covered up to create an even complexion. For 3 pumps, the coverage is still just as good and still doesn’t show any signs of looking cakey in any way at all. This proves yet again that you can continue to build up the coverage without worrying about your face looking cakey.

Overall looking back at all the products, I would give this complexion starter kit an 8 out of 10. I would have given it 10 but because of the issues with the powder, it fell short, since if your planning to take flash photography then you won’t be able to wear the powder to set your make-up which means you will have to buy another face setting powder that doesn’t contain silica in the ingredient. And so you will have to spend more money to get another powder. Other than that I loved the primer which creates a smooth canvas, making the application of applying the foundation easier and giving me an even and flawless complexion. I know that I will continue to use these products until they run out (minus the brush of course). Would I buy this product again, yes I would. However, I would buy the products separately instead because it would work out cheaper since I wouldn’t buy the MAKE UP FOR EVER powder but instead get a different powder, which I can use in general and for when taking flash photography.

If you have tried this complexion starter kit or even any of the products included in the kit, let me know what you think about whether you liked them or not and if you would buy it again. For those of you who haven’t tried any of these products, let me know from looking at my review would you buy any of them.

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