My Top 3 Favorite Mascaras!

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So I decided to do a post about my top 3 favorite mascaras, since I’m a huge mascara junkie. Like if there was only one beauty product that I had to choose to live with for the rest of my life, then it would be mascara I’m not kidding when I say that. Seriously I’m obsessed with it, that is the one main beauty product that I always stock up on even though I don’t need to since I already have a lot. But what can I do I just can’t help it, it’s my weakness lol 😀

      My current mascara collection

The picture above is my current mascara collection, it may not seem like a lot in comparison to other people but for me it’s a lot. I did have a lot more but I’ve had to chuck them away because either they weren’t that good or because I had them for way longer then I should do. My obsession is getting out of hand, considering people keep telling me to stop buying more mascaras as I already have a lot as it is and don’t need anymore for the next few years. lol As of right now I’m currently using 6 different mascaras but mind you I generally stick to my main 3 since they are my all time favorite, which I always come back to. So without further ado I present to you my Top 3, which are in no particular order because I love them equally in their own way. lol That makes me sound like I’m talking about them as if they are people. Also I will not only write what I like about it and why it’s my favourite but also how I came across the mascaras.

Maybelline New York The Colossal Volum’ Express

I always heard a lot of hype surrounding this mascara with people saying how good it is and that its the best drugstore mascara, some even saying that its better than some of the high-end mascaras out there. But I don’t always tend to really buy mascaras because of the hype as personally I’ve learnt it’s not the same case when it comes to using it yourself. However when I was given this as a gift (from America hence the shape of the tube different from UK), I thought I might as well try it now that I have it. After a couple of times of trying it out, I didn’t really like it much and decided to stop using it. But then after a while I came back to it again, giving it another chance since I didn’t use it for too long upon opening it the first time. And boy am I glad I did because I have never looked back since, I mean I totally understood the hype and love for this mascara since it’s all true.

This mascara for me does both the job of lengthening and volumizing, since for me trying to find a mascara like this has been hard. As a lot of the mascaras I’ve tried tend to do one or the other, even when it says it’s suppose to do both. Seriously this mascara makes my lashes look really good, considering I don’t have thick or really long lashes and on top of that I am able to achieve long and volumizing lashes with just one coat (as I prefer/need only one coat). I would actually advise people, if you want a mascara that achieves both volume & length and don’t want to pay the amount of a high-end mascara. Then this is best drugstore mascara to buy, you won’t regret it I mean I didn’t. This is one mascara that I will continue to purchase in the future for sure.

All prices listed are from the stores online websites.

Price Range (UK)

  • Superdrug – £6.99 Special offer: Buy 1 get 2nd half price (selected Maybelline products)
  • Boots – £7.19 Special offer: 3 for 2 (selected Maybelline products) – cheapest free

Price Range (USA)

  • Ulta – $6.99 Special offer: Buy 1 get 1 at 50% off
  • Target – $5.79-$5.99
  • Walmart – $3.77

Benefit BADgal Lash 

This was a free sample that I received, which was the best thing ever! I never really knew about this mascara, like I knew about Benefit but the only mascara I knew of theirs was They’re Real which is overly hyped up (but that’s a whole other story). So when I got this mascara I didn’t know what to expect, whether I would like it or not and wether it would be any good or not. When I finally used this mascara, I tested it out on one of my eyes because I was skeptical about it. And the results were OMG! Seriously the results were Ah-Mazing and I’m not kidding, not only did my lashes look longer then ever before but it also gave me volume without clumping my lashes together. And once again the results were achieved with just one coat (like The Colossal). This is a pricey mascara because its high-end, but I have to say it is definitely worth the price and I will definitely be buying the full size once I run out. Honestly Benefit need to advertise this mascara more, because it’s even better than They’re Real in my opinion. Btw I have tried They’re Real so I can say that, just in case people think I’m saying that without having tried it first. I haven’t tried many high-end mascaras, but this is one I would say is definitely worth the price. I would say this is a high-end version of The Colossal giving you both volume and length.

Price Range (UK)

They only seem to have the regular size and not sample size but you could always ask in stores at Debenhams or House of Frasier.

Price Range (USA)

  • Ulta – $10.00 Special Free Gift with Purchase (According to website online)
  • Sephora – $10.00 (Exclusive Limited Edition)

Maybelline New York The Falsies Flared Volum’ Express

This was one of the mascaras, where I kept seeing advertisements about giving you lashes that looked like you were wearing falsies. Here’s the thing, the mascaras I find for volume and length tend to do length only which is annoying. So when I saw the advertisements, I thought why not just give into peer pressure and buy it since the advertisements is telling me too. What can I say, sometimes it can be too tempting not to give in 😀 After finally buying it, I tried it and ended up having the same issues I had with The Colossal (not liking it at first) it made my lashes clump together (with only one coat) and didn’t give me the results I wanted/expected (no surprise there). On top of that every time I took the wand out, it was full of product. It honestly looked like the wand had taken out at least a quarter of product from the tube, from the looks of how much the wand was covered with product. This was annoying because whenever I used it, I had to wipe off the extra amount of excess on a tissue which I felt wasted the product and so because of this I stopped using it. However, once again I came back to this mascara (like with Colossal) and started to like it, even though I had to wipe the wand every time I used it because of excess product. But it was beginning to grow on me and it definitely gave my eyelashes the falsies effect without looking clumpy. Like seriously it actually did make my lashes look like I was wearing false lashes even though I wasn’t. I don’t know how this came about, but one day I ended up using this mascara with Benefit BADgal Lash mascara because I wanted a little bit of length. Especially since falsies didn’t give me the length, I would have liked/preferred. The results of both BADgal and Falsies together was the best thing ever, I mean BADgal on its’ own was amazing but adding Falsies gave me everything I wanted of both the false lash appearance with the length (from BADgal). And so I am glad I gave into Maybelline’s advertisement and buying it, it was definitely worth the money.

Price Range (UK)

  • Superdrug – £7.99 Special offer: Buy 1 get 2nd half price (selected Maybelline products)
  • Boots – £7.99 Special offer: 3 for 2 (selected Maybelline products) – cheapest free

Price Range (USA)

  • Ulta – $6.99 Special offer: Buy 1 get 1 at 50% off
  • Target – $4.19-$5.79
  • Walmart – $4.19-$5.94


So those are my top 3 mascaras, let me know what your guys favorite mascaras are. And whether you agree with what I think about my favorite mascaras. I would love to hear you lots opinion.

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