Party Outfit

Hey Guys

On Sunday, I went to a party which was a lot of fun especially because I love getting together with my whole family. I wanted to show you guys the outfit I wore, because it happens to be one of my favorite outfits my mum bought for me. Even though the party had a color theme of both red and black, everyone still had to make sure they had somehow incorporated red in their outfit as that was the main color.

I didn’t have any fancy red clothes, so I ended up just wearing all black. However, since the main theme color was red, I knew I had to have something red. So, I ended up painting my nails red and taking a red ribbon and wearing it as a headband. The only probably with the ribbon headband was that it kept slipping off, so instead I ended up just tying it around my wrist as a bracelet. During the party I even ended up taking my brothers red bow tie and wearing it as a headband instead, which I gotta say looked better on me as a headband then as a bowtie on him. Lol 😀

Now without further ado, I present to you my party clothes outfit!

My Outfit


This outfit I got a few years back to wear on Eid, which was purchased from Southall in Ealing. I remember when I first saw the dress on display, I fell in love with it and knew I had to get it. One of the things that I love about the outfit is something you can’t really tell from the pictures unfortunately. That is that it’s a high low dress and since I have never owed a high low before it made me love it even more. I paired the dress with black leggings, instead of the black churidar that it came with.



I love the gold intricate design in the middle, it actually makes it look like two necklaces attached together. Because of all the design work on the dress itself, I didn’t really add on many accessories. Especially because I didn’t want the accessories to take attention away from the dress itself. In the end, I just wore a bracelet and ring chain (that is shown in the first picture) which I purchased from Forever21. My two everyday gold rings, the ribbon that I had used as a headband but instead made into a bracelet.


The shoes I wore are from New Look, which I purchased the same year as the dress. I specifically bought this shoes because I thought they went well with the dress. Also because the dress is a high low, I needed high heels so that the back of the dress wouldn’t touch the floor.


So that was my party outfit of the day (OOTD), hope you guys enjoyed reading/looking at this post. Let me know what you thought of my look by leaving a comment down below.

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