First Look: Urban Decay Spectrum Palette

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Here’s a first look at one of the newest/latest makeup palette released by Urban Decay! Urban Spectrum Palette, it is a limited edition palette so if you want to purchase it be sure to get it asap because once it’s gone its gone and never coming back.

The price of the palette is usually £35, but when I went to buy it a few weeks ago Debenhams was having a sale so it was 10% off. This meant that the palette price was reduced down to £31.50. However, all the points I accumulated on my Debenhams Beauty Club card added up to make £5 so I ended up paying £26.50. Which I have to say is quite good for a 15 eyeshadow palette and overall I ended up saving £8.50 which wasn’t too bad either.


Urban Spectrum Palette

Front of the packaging box

This is the front cover of the packaging box, I have to say it is quite eye-catching. I loved that the writing is in a rainbow ombre and they put the writing over matte black box, making the words bolder and brighter so it stands out even more making sure it catches your eye.



Back of the packaging box

The back of the packaging box has the name also written on the back in rainbow colors. Also there is a description telling you about the palette and the colors itself. For those of you who are unable to read the description from the picture above, it says the following.

Satisfy your color addiction with a stunning spectrum of 15 shades of our iconic Eyeshadow. Arranged in a gorgeous ombre rainbow of greens, blues, purples, pinks and neutrals, this limited-edition palette has it all. Experiment with never-before-seen shades like Flashback (bright deep purple), Daybreak (soft bronze) and Flatline (a perfect metallic pale pink highlighter), as well as cult favorites like Junkie (teal green shimmer). Modeled after a classic UD palette, the collectible black case features a smoky gray faceted “UD” jewel and laser-cut filigreed edges. When you’re done with the shadows, remove the tray and use the velvet-lined box to stash jewelry and other prized possessions.




The case is a matte black with “UD” jewel intial in a smoky gray color, although in some lighting the jewel initial looks like its more of a dark khaki green color. Underneath the initial is the palette name written in a glossy black color, although in the picture above it makes it look more like white grey.



15 eyeshadow colors (top w/o flash, bottom with flash)

The picture above shows the all the 15 colors in the palette, the top picture is without flash and the bottom is with flash. As you can see from the bottom picture, there are no matte colors at all instead they are all shimmery colors.

The colors are as followed (From L-R starting at top left): Protest, Junkie, Deep End, Madness, Evidence, Prank, Omen, Flashback, Voodoo, Flatline, Bordello, Backlash, Daybreak, Burn and West.



Eyeshadow palette with freestanding mirror

The one thing I really liked about this palette in particular was that the palette lid happens to have a mirror on the inside. The mirror also happens to be freestanding which is even better. This palette would be good to travel with because of the mirror. However when it comes to traveling with the palette, you have to be careful because there is no clasp or lock to keep the lid on. So if you do plan to travel with the palette, I would suggest keeping the packaging box it came in. This way you can put it back in there when traveling to make sure it stays secure.



Looking at the picture above, you can see that the makeup palette top cover has a laser-cut intricate design border going all the way around the edges. I feel that the design gives the palette more of an edge. Since it’s something new that isn’t really seen much, it makes the palette stand out more looking very beautiful.


Swatches of some of the colors (with flash)

I swatched a few of the colors on my fingers, so that you could see how pigmented they are. The colors that have been swatched are as followed (L-R) Protest, Daybreak, Flatline, Omen and Madness. Btw please excuse my weirdly shaped nails.


Color swatches (with flash)

I swatched the colors onto my arm from my fingers, they are still quite pigmented from looking at the photo above. The swatches on my arm is without primer, so just imagine how much more bolder and brighter the colors will be with primer underneath. The colors swatches are as followed (Top-Bottom) Madness, Omen, Flatline, Daybreak and Protest.


There is one thing I didn’t take a picture of, because at the time I didn’t know about it. On the bottom right hand corner of the palette there is a small hole, this is to help you take the eyeshadow tray off as underneath is a shallow velvet lined compartment to store jewelry. So once you have finished the eyeshadows you can just throw away the tray, but still keep the box which makes it even more worth the price.


That’s about it guys! Let me know if you have this palette, if so what do you think about and whether you like it or not. For those of you who don’t own this palette let me know if you would consider buying it, from having looked at this post.

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