Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review

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Heads up: I know I was supposed to post this ages ago, but honestly, I got so busy that I totally forgot. Oh well, what’s done is done I guess, however, I will try my best to start posting on time. By the way be sure to check out my Delays in Posting blog post in which I update you guys about when and how often I will be posting Mascara Monday!

Now onto the post, I decided to do a mascara review on a popular mascara that you all have probably heard of and maybe even own. In my opinion, I think it’s overhyped, which I guess is why I am doing a review on it. The mascara that I am referring to is Benefit They’re Real.
When it comes to buying mascaras, I try not to buy any without looking at reviews or researching about it. So when it came to purchasing They’re Real, I had not only saw a lot of good reviews but had heard from people as well about how amazing it is. In the end, I decided to give in and just buy it. However, when I saw the price, I knew I wasn’t ready to fork over that much just for one mascara no matter how good it was. I ended up buying the travel size, which I guess wasn’t really worth it either. But in this case, if I didn’t like it then at least I would be okay knowing I didn’t pay twice the amount instead of buying the full size.


Benefit They’re Real (travel size)

The prices for this particular mascara is as followed:

Price Range (UK)

  • Boots – £19.50
  • – £19.50
  • Debenhams – £19.50
  • House of Fraser – £19.50

Price Range (USA)

  • Ulta – $24.00 for 0.3oz (Full size) – Special Free Gift with Purchase
    – $12.00 for 0.14oz (Travel size) – Special Free Gift with Purchase
  • Sephora – $24.00 for 0.3oz (Full size)
    – $12.00 for 0.14oz (Travel size)



IMG_7618 (2)

On the left side of the mascara packaging is two photos, which are meant to be a before and after as you can see in the photo above (sorry about the blurry pictures).  Underneath the photos are results that they accumulated together from the consumers that tested it out for their survey. Which they also state underneath the results at the very bottom of the packaging.

The results that they listed are as followed:

  • 94% saw length & volume
  • 90% saw base-to-tip curl
  • 100% saw visible lift

*Results observed in a consumer panel survey.

The following review that I am doing is not to prove whether their findings were true or not. I am only one person so my results would not affect their outcome in any way. This is just me giving my own review and opinion about the mascara. Although I will mention whether I did see any of the results that they listed.



Untitled 2
The mascara wand

The mascara wand is made up of short spiky plastic bristles, which are a little spaced apart from each other. The spikes are flexible, but only at the very tip of the bristles. The tip of the wand is rounded with more spiky bristles that are different lengths. As for the spikes at the tip of the wand, well they are there to help you get more coverage for your lashes by pushing at them with the tip. At least that’s what I think it’s there to do, besides trying to coat your small lashes in the very inner corner.



My bare lashes

Once again, the picture above is of my lashes without any product on it whatsoever. In my opinion, my lashes are medium length and are in the middle when it comes to identifying them whether they are sparse or thick.


One coat of mascara

The trio picture shown above is of my lashes with just one coat of Benefit They’re Real mascara. Looking at my lashes you can see that they are a little darker (from the color payoff), but they are starting to look sparse because the mascara is making them clump together. Which I don’t like since I have only applied just one coat.



Two coats of mascara

The trio picture shown above is of my lashes with two coats of Benefit They’re Real mascara. The color payoff is good, I like that it makes my lashes look bolder and prominent. One thing I have noticed there isn’t much of base-to-tip curl or visible lift, even after applying two coats which is kind of surprising. I don’t even see any length to my lashes, instead, my lashes are beginning to clump together even more with a second coat. The third picture in the trio shows this indication. My lashes look short and clumpy, with no length whatsoever.



Three coats of mascara

The trio picture shown above is of my lashes with three coats of Benefit They’re Real mascara. By the third coat, the base-to-tip curl was beginning to show a little. Yet my lashes were still looking short, with no indication of length whatsoever. Though my lashes look bolder than ever because of the color payoff and probably the layering of coats. However, the lashes were clumped together now more than ever, giving the impression that I barely have any lashes.


Overall, I would have to say I give this mascara 4 out of 10 and that’s me being generous. I just hated how it made my lashes look, there was no separation whatsoever. And when it came to volume, there was barely any instead my lashes clumped together. Did I see any of the three results that the consumers saw in the survey they did? Well, there wasn’t any length or volume, I didn’t see much of bad-to-tip curl only a little bit and that was by the time I did three coats. I did see a little visible lift, but once again that was most noticeable after the applications of three coats. Would I buy this mascara again? Definitely no! Honestly, I don’t like this mascara, this is why I prefer sticking to drugstore brands instead. Not only are you paying less, but will most probably get better results then this mascara. Plus I believe you could probably find a drugstore dupe of this mascara, without having to empty your wallet for it.


If you have tried this product, let me know what you think about whether you liked it or not and if you would buy it again by leaving a comment down below. For those of you who haven’t tried this mascara let me know if you would buy it, from having read my review.

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