NEW Maybelline Baby Balm and Blush

Hey Guys

So while I was on Twitter, I came across Maybelline’s tweet about some of their newest products that have been released. One of the items they mentioned was the Maybelline Baby Balm and Blush, which is the newest product from the Baby Lips line. Though they are new here in the U.K, they have already been introduced in The States since last year September. However in The States the product is called Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush and it is only meant for the cheeks as opposed to over here in the U.K, where the product can be used both as blush and lip balm.
In The States they have only released two colors 20 – Pinking of You and 30 – Pop of Peach, whereas over here in The U.K there are four available colors which are Booming Ruby, Flirty Pink, Innocent Peach and Shimmering Bronze.

As soon as I saw the tweet and realized they have finally been released here in the U.K, I knew I had to get my hands on them. So I went and purchased them from Boots because they were on offer Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 price, whereas in Superdrug the offer on Maybelline Products were 2 for £10. The price of the product is £4.99, which I have to say it is a little steep, in comparison to Baby Lips Lip Balm. However in Boots they only had two of the four colors, whereas Superdrug had all four colors. Before I introduce you to the products, I will say before buying them make sure you open the product and check it has not been used. This is because the product does not have any packaging, so anyone can open it and test it out. Now without further ado, I introduce you to the NEW Baby Balm & Blush! If you want to purchase the products then click here.



Maybelline Baby Balm & Blush


Baby Balm & Blush


with flash



Baby Balm & Blush – Flirty Pink

(L) W/O Flash & (R) With Flash



02 – Flirty Pink

The first color I got was called Flirty Pink, it is a bright almost neon like pink color. The color actually reminds me of one of the original Baby Lips Lip Balm Pink Punch. But they are a little different when you compare them to each other. Also I noticed that the Balm & Blush has a subtle shimmer to it, though it isn’t too noticeable.



Baby Balm & Blush – Booming Ruby

(L) W/O Flash & (R) With Flash



05 – Blooming Ruby

The second color I got was called Booming Ruby, it is a red apple red (if that makes any sense). This color reminds me of the Winter Delight Baby Lips Lip Balm in Sweet Apple. Though I am sure they are different, since I doubt Maybelline are going re-released the same color again but in different form. Just like Flirty Pink, Booming Ruby also has a subtle shimmer to it, though like I said before it isn’t noticeable.



Well those are the colors, let me know if you guys have managed to get your hands on them. If you have let me know which ones you have and which are your favorites, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the product. And if you haven’t heard of these products and would love a more in-depth post with swatches then let me know by posting a comment down below and I will try to do that as soon as possible.

BBlue & BPink (WBG)

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