Birthday Haul!

Hey Guys

So my Birthday was over 2 weeks ago (Feb 4th) and while I didn’t really do anything special, besides obviously have a nice quiet dinner with the family. I did get some gifts which I wanted to share with you guys, so I thought why not do a Birthday haul. I was suppose to post this last week but just got busy with doing stuff, so I’m posting it now but late then never right?!
Side Note: In no way, shape or form am I bragging nor would I ever do something like that, plus that’s not my style. 

Now without further ado, lets get onto the haul…

Birthday Haul!

without flash
with flash



So here are the gifts I received from my sister.


The first gift was the Marc Jacobs The Sky-Liner Seven Piece Petites Highliner Collection, which I love so much. Once again his packaging is just too cute and really nice, I really love how the outside packaging looks when you took a picture of it with flash. I already own one of the highliners and it’s amazing quality, so I know the rest of them are going to be just as good. I especially love the mini bag that the liners come in because it can be used as a clutch bag for formal events.




The colors that are included are (from L to R): Blacquer, Express-Oh!, In The Buff!, Boys & Berry, (Wave)Length, Ody(Sea) and (Stone)Fox. According to the back of the packaging Express-Oh! and Boys & Berry are new to the collection, since they don’t seem to be available in full size.

The other gift from my sis was this Art of Jasmine Disney Journal, my guess it’s limited edition because it is no longer available in Disney store here in England. But this Journal is apart of The Art of Jasmine Collection which was done to celebrate the return of Disney’s Aladdin on DVD and Blu-ray disc. At least according to what I found out from the internet. But I have to say I love it, it’s so beautiful from the art work of the cover to the gold foil page edging to the peacock feather marker.

with flash

My parents gave me the Revlon Illuminated mirror, which I was really happy with. It may seem like a odd gift to some, but here’s the thing I’ve been trying to find a good mirror that is not only double-sided but has an led light as well. However, I didn’t know which one to get, so I would always just borrow my mums. So now that I finally have my own one, I won’t need to keep taking my mums lol. 😀

My nephew, niece and sister-in-law gave me a Guess wallet, which I absolutely love. I love the color as I know it will go with many things and so I won’t have to worry about it clashing with any of my bags. Plus I love the simplicity that is the wallets design, it will definitely go well with my Guess bag that I have.


My other sister-in-law and brother got me a few different presents.


The first gift was a Yankee Candle, which I knew about since she had told me beforehand about getting it for me because I really liked it. She ended up getting me the large size and the scent is Pink Sands. I’m normally not one for candles, because I never really use them they end up just lying in my room as decoration pieces. But I really liked this scent and so I’m actually excited to use it.


The next gift was Cargo Shanghai Nights Fall shadow palette. I have to say the cover of it is beautiful and upon opening it there is a variety of colors from dark to light to neutrals to bold bright colors. There are a few mattes but otherwise most of the colors consist of shimmers. I have heard of Cargo but I had never used or owned any of the products, so we will have to see if it’s good. Maybe I’ll do a review on it, once I’ve used it a couple of times.





The final gift from them was Marc Jacobs Honey Solid Perfume Necklace. I already own the Honey perfume from Marc Jacobs (which I won) and so I knew the scent is good. I have to say the necklace is too cute, but then again it is Marc Jacobs so I’m not surprised since all his perfume packaging is just amazing and cute.




Oh they also got me some cupcakes from Lola’s, (even though I requested it myself) it ended up being another little gift from them both. Seriously if you haven’t had Lola’s cupcakes then you’re missing out. They are so damn amazing and honestly in my opinion the best place to get cupcakes from even better then Hummingbird Bakery.


Well that’s it for my Birthday haul, I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I received. Be sure to leave a comment down below letting me know if you own any of the items above. If so let me know what your thoughts of them are. Or even leave a comment down below letting me know if you want me to do a review on any of the items.

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