Spring Cleaning – Lippies Declutter (Part 1)

Hey Guys

So I decided to do a completely different post, something that I haven’t done before. Since spring is here, people tend to do spring cleaning. So I thought what better time to go through my makeup and do spring cleaning. As opposed to going through everything at once, I thought I would do it section by section and post about it.

Now that you guys get the gist of it, I won’t bore you with anymore details and just get into the post.

Lip Products



Lip Liners

Lip Glosses/Lip Creams

Lip Butters/Lip Stains

Lip Balms

So those are all the lip products that are currently in my little basket, I try to use all of them. However some of them have been neglected for too long that it’s getting to the point of where they need to be chucked away. But there are some that are empties now that I just haven’t bothered to throw them away until now.

In the end these are the 4 products I’ve gotten rid of in total. It may not seem like it, but these are the only ones that I either had for too long or are empties.

The products are as followed (L-R):

MAC Cremesheen Glass – Going Casual (Holiday Collection) 
The main reason I’m getting rid of this was mainly because I’ve pretty much used it up. And what little product that is left hasn’t necessarily gone bad, but I feel that it is going in that direction. Plus I wasn’t that keen on the color, though it isn’t necessarily opaque it isn’t sheer either.


Revlon Lip Butter – Strawberry Shortcake 
As much as I love Revlon lip butters, this product was no longer getting any love. I guess it was mainly because of the color, it was just too bright for me. But also I had this for quite a few years and it was starting to go bad, so it was time to say goodbye.


L.A. Colors Lipstick – Berry Red 
The main reason behind me buying this lipstick was because of the whole color corrector trend that started. I bought it last year (before the trend had began) in hopes that it would work for me. However the color ended up being wrong and so after 1 failed attempt, I never touched the lipstick again.


Maybelline Baby Lips Electro – Fierce N Tangy 
This is another product that I actually finished, though there is still a little bit of product left I can’t reach it anymore. So decided enough was enough time to chuck it away and use another.


So the after results may not look very different in comparison to the before. But for myself, I’m just happy I actually decided to chuck away some products as opposed to keeping them for who knows how long. Which is a good thing because if you know me, then you know I tend to hold on to things for too long, even when I know I should part ways with them.

Well that’s it for part 1 of my makeup spring cleaning post, be sure to check out part 2 which is up. Be sure to leave a comment down below letting me know how often you declutter your makeup. Or even just leave a comment down below with your thoughts/opinions about decluttering makeup.

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