Dear Goodbye – Lauliver {Lauriver}

Hey Guys

So I’m back with another video post. I actually just finished editing yesterday and uploaded on my main YouTube channel today! And I wanted to share it with you guys since it’s been a while since I’ve done a video post. Btw this isn’t another *NSYNC remix video I promise!

If you guys watch Arrow then you know that they killed off Laurel Lance aka Black Canary a few weeks back. When I saw the episode I have to say I was definitely pissed, because Laurel was an awesome character and the way she grew from season 1 to now (season 4) has been amazing to watch. Especially since she was put through some many obstacles with ups and downs yet she came out strong from them, which shows not only how truly amazing she was. But makes her a good role model to show people no matter what happens you can beat it and come out of it strong. There’s not that many superhero shows out there with a strong kickass female character (who isn’t the main character like Supergirl, Agent Carter etc). And for the writers to kill her was the biggest mistake ever, especially since we all know that they did it for Olicity (they can deny it all they want but we know it’s true).

Enough with all this babbling, lets just get onto the main reason for this post. So I’m a Lauliver or Lauriver (whichever shipping name you prefer) shipper and I made this video in honor of them both,  since for me they are end game (even if Laurel is dead in the show). Anyway this video is about Olivers love for Laurel!

So without further ado, I present to you Dear Goodbye Lauliver {Lauriver}…

Well that’s it for this post, make sure to check out my other videos on my accounts (Bewafa92 & Bewafa042). Be sure to leave a comment down below not only to let me know your thoughts/opinion about my video, but also about Laurel being killed in Arrow. I would to know.

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