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So I’m back again with another post about the latest/newest Baby Lips from Maybelline NY UK! It’s actually been a while since they released a new one (the last release was the Valentines Baby Lips in February).

Well today I was browsing in the drugstore for some items that I need for my practical assignment for my makeup course that I am currently taking. When I came across the Maybelline section and saw the new LIMITED EDITION (may I add) Baby Lips and knew I had to get them (to add to my collection of course)!

Well without further ado, I present to you the Baby Lips…

Maybelline Pop Art Baby Lips

Pop Art Baby Lips – Grapefruit Zing

The first limited edition Baby Lips is 17 – GrapeFruit Zing, which is sort of a shocking pink color with hint of red. The overall packaging and the packaging of the lip balm is done in a pop art style, which I have to say looks cute. As you can see from the picture above the color of the packaging is pinky peach and seafood green.

Pop Art Baby Lips – Bubblegum Pop

The second limited edition Baby Lips is 20 – Bubblegum Pop, which is bubblegum pink color (as the name suggests). Once again the packaging is the same except the colors for Bubblegum Pop are pink and yellow.

The packaging on the lip balm states as followed:

“Moisturizing lip balm with a hint of color.”

82% Healthier looking lips

82% Lips felt baby soft

81% Lips felt less dry

76% Lips looked visibly renewed



Well those are the colors I have (there is another two color/flavors but they didn’t have it in store), let me know if you guys have managed to get your hands on them. If you have let me know which ones you have and which are your favorites, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the product.

BBlue & BPink (WBG)

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4 thoughts on “NEW Pop Art Baby Lips (LIMITED EDITION)

  1. Hello! I am a Baby Lips lover also and I’ve just stumbled across these on the internet. I live in The U.S. and they don’t have them here. Would you happen to know the names of the other two that you don’t have?

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    1. I actually have the 3rd one (you can check it out on my insta @maddiesbeautyworld). As for the fourth one I think it’s called Lemon Zap. Hope that helps! 😁


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