1 Year Blogiversary!

Hey Guys

WOW I can’t believe it a year ago today (June 19th) I officially started this blog. Though according to WordPress my 1 year anniversary was yesterday (June 18th), which means I must have published my first post on 19th June. Oh whatever but still it’s crazy how fast time flies by. Honestly I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this, I just knew that I always wanted to start a blog but never had the time. That was until university ended and then I knew it was the right time. The fact that I’ve been blogging for a year is insane, but I proud that I’ve made it this fast (I know it sounds cheesy). I honestly don’t know what else to write really, that’s actually one of the issues I have when it comes to blogging not having an idea of what to post about.

Maybe I should just write about what I have learnt after a year of blogging, I guess that would be the best thing. I was thinking of writing out a list of number of things I have learnt, but that would be too long and boring. So instead I am just going to write about the main most important thing that I have learnt from blogging for a year! And that is…

  • To always remember who I am doing this blog for (myself)

Honestly that is all I can think of really, I know after a year you think I would have learned more right?! I probably have learnt more, but that is the main important thing that just sticks out to me.

Here’s the thing in the beginning when I first started posting, I thought to myself would anyone really be interested in my blog or even bother to read it. I mean there are so many bloggers out there who are not only writing about the same thing as me, but have been doing it much longer then I have and are more experienced. So what would be the point in me blogging if no-one looked at mine. But then over time I realized I didn’t start this blog for others, I did it for myself really and whether anyone read my posts or followed my blog or even liked my posts it didn’t matter as long as I was happy with what I was doing. And you know what I am happy, even if I may only have over 20 followers it doesn’t matter because this blog actually makes me happy. To know that I put myself out there for the world to see and not care anymore what anyone thinks makes me proud of myself. Hopefully this will help with putting myself out there more in terms of my career and help me achieve what I want to do down the road.

I know this post sounds like all kind of cheese, but I wanted to be real with you guys. Plus I wanted to say for anyone who is already blogging, but feels discouraged because lack of views/followers don’t be. Just remember it shouldn’t be about any of that, if blogging makes you happy then continue doing it regardless of the views because your happiness comes first. Wow just re-reading that last sentence make me cringe because of the cheesiness, but it’s true.


Well that’s about it from me, Happy 1 Year Anniversary to myself and my blog.

Until next time, peace out! ✌


BBlue & BPink (WBG)

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