Eid-Ul-Fitr OOTD 2016

Hey Guys

Happy Late Eid Mubarak!

So I know Eid has already passed, but since I wasn’t able to post on the actual day I thought I’d say it anyways. Hope you all had a wonderful Eid with your family and friends.

So since I did an OOTD (outfit of the day) last year, I thought I would continue with that tradition. Plus I love seeing people’s post about Eid and seeing their clothes.

A quick little backstory on my clothes. I  came across a picture of clothes I really liked them, so I sent the picture off to my aunt in Pakistan who ended up getting them made for me. Though it wasn’t made exactly the same as in the actual picture, but that was fine with me since I ended up loving them anyway.

So without further ado, I present to you my Eid Outfit…

My Clothes


Once again I am wearing a gown style clothes, however this time the jacket top has slits on both sides of it. Underneath is a plain light green sleeveless kameez (top). The design is mainly on the front of the jacket and the sleeves, however on the bottom there is a velvet material border (about 8 inches high) going all the way around, which also had gold designing on top. The trousers underneath are black with gold designing on top as well, this time I opted to wear the trouser because I actually really liked them and I didn’t think plain leggings would look nice with them.





For shoes I had been planning to wear some heels I had already wore before, as I couldn’t find any to buy that I liked. That was until the day before Eid, when I came across these black heels with black studs lining the straps in Debenhams. Not only were they the perfect style, but they were damn comfortable considering they are 4 inches and normally I have a hard time walking in that high of a heel. Plus they were on sale which was even better, I guess you could say it was the cherry on top of the cake or sundae! 😀



Well that was it for my Eid outfit of the day/night, I hope you guys enjoyed checking out this post. If you did a blog post about your Eid clothes or even put up pictures on social media let me know because I would love to see them. Just leave a comment down below with the links for me to check out.


Until next time, Peace out! ✌🏼


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