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Hey Guys

Well it’s been a hot minute since I last posted. Seriously this crazy heatwave is killing me, that I can’t won’t sit in front of a computer to write a blog post. It is just too hard, so I’m just writing using the app on my phone.

So enough about that, lets get onto the post.
Today I am here with a beauty storage post that was inspired by MakeSpace. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a self-storage company that picks up and drops off your stuff for you. I’m currently in the process of rearranging my makeup storage yet again so it was perfect timing!


Ever since my makeup kit overly expanded in size in the past couple years, I knew I needed more storage space. So just like every blogger/YouTuber out there, I invested in the Alex Drawer unit. I’m not going to go through each drawer, because like I said I’m still in the middle of rearranging. But I thought I would show you some of the type storage units I use within the drawers itself. Hopefully this will help give you guys ideas for your own storage set up. 


The storage units I use is the mini bin storage trays, I have two different shape/size. One of which you may have seen in my spring cleaning posts.

The square trays came in a pack of 3 and price wise was really cheap, I think it was under $2 (though I can’t remember exactly). They were purchased from Walmart for those of you who may live close to one.


Walmart Square Trays
What you use them for depends on what you need them for. For myself I used one for my mascaras, another for my lip products and the third one for my single/double eye shadows.

As you can see from the pictures above the trays are quite deep so you can fit a decent amount of products in each tray.


The rectangle trays (below) also came in a pack of 3 and price wise was either the same or a little different (Once again I can’t remember). They were also purchased from Walmart.


Walmart Rectangle Trays


As of right now I have used one of them for my eye products (pencils, liquids, gel liners) and the other two for some of my makeup brushes. Though I will probably be changing the set up soon again.


Having these trays makes my drawers more organized, because each tray is contains specific makeup products. This tends to make it easier for me to see/take the products that I am looking for/wanting to use. As opposed to before, when I would have to go through countless makeup cases just to find what I’m looking for. Which so happened to be very time consuming.

So looking at the picture above, you can see how much easier it is for me to find the products I am looking for. As they have been organised into different trays, each one assigned to a specific product(s).


Well that’s it for my makeup storage post. Hope you guys enjoyed and got some ideas for your own storage set up. Remember to check out MakeSpace website if you haven’t already. If you have ideas for storage set up, then be sure to leave a comment down below. Or even let me know what you think of the storage units I use. I would love to hear from you guys.

Until next time, Peace out! ✌🏼️
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