Hey Guys

Well what can I say about myself… Hmmm first of all call me Maddie (nickname) early twenties, born and raised in London, England. I’m officially a university graduate student, with a BA (Hons) degree FINALLY. 😀 I love all things beauty, I’m obsessed with make-up and have been for as long as I can remember. In my free time I enjoy reading books, I consider myself a bookaholic, seriously if I could spend everyday just reading books non-stop I would. Even from looking at my serious book collection, you would be able to tell just how much of a bookaholic I am. I guess books and beauty are my passion, I also do enjoy making/editing videos for my YouTube channel in my free time. That’s about it I guess for now at least.

Wow my bio sounds kinda boring looking back over it, but I can’t help it I just don’t know what to write. When it comes to writing about myself, I make it sound boring and dull. Though I am nothing like that if you were ever to meet me in person. In fact I’m the complete opposite loud, energetic and sometimes crazy. My latest obsession should be obvious looking at my blog, *NSYNC JC Chasez and Backstreet Boys (though mainly JC for now) Yep I’m a 90s child, I do listen to current music, but I prefer to relive the 90s by constantly listening to my fav old school music! 😀

BBlue & BPink (WBG)

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