Mixed Beauty Haul

Hey Guys

Yes another haul post, seriously you’re probably thinking what is her with hauls. Like I said I can’t help, it’s like I’ve become an addict. Fingers crossed this is my last one for quite a while, esp since I don’t think my wallet can take it anymore. Lol 😁 Btw this haul consists of different beauty products from different stores. I thought I would do it all as one this time as opposed to separate ones.

Without further ado, lets get onto the haul…


So I got a bottle of this a few months back and fell in love with it. I’ve been using it non-stop since receiving it (you will probably see an appearance of it in my beauty favorites). I decided to get another one, since they don’t sell it in stores in England. Though they sell it online, it is way to expensive in comparison to the $ price.


Yep, I ordered the same two brushes again. I actually got the spoolie for my sister and well since the blending brush actually turned out to work quite well (from my last purchase). I decided to get another, trust me when I can you can’t have enough blending brushes. IMO it’s one of the most essential brush needed.


I had planned to buy this primer a while back, but that ended up falling through until now. I love using pigments/glitters, but they always leave a mess because of the fallout so I thought why not try out a primer to see if it will help with stopping the fallout and creating a big mess. Plus it will come in handy to use on clients.

So I ended up getting yet another e.l.f Blush & Bronzing duo (in the same color as my previous broken one). Thankfully though this one did not come broken.

Well that’s all for my latest mixed beauty haul! As usual leave your comments down below with your thoughts and or opinions. Let me know if you have tried out any of the products and what you think.

Until next time, peace out! ✌🏼️
BBlue & BPink (WBG)

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